RACC2023| RACC committee visited companies in Zhongshan

From June 8 to 9, the organizing committee made a special trip to Zhongshan, a low-temperature refrigeration equipment manufacturing base, to pay a concentrated visit to local enterprises. The "fourteenth five year plan" for scientific and technological innovation of Zhongshan City points out that "advanced low-temperature technology" will be built into the golden card of Zhongshan, and will also be built into the "third pole" of world low-temperature technological innovation and industrial development in the future. It is believed that with the strong support of the government, Zhongshan refrigeration industry will usher in a leap forward development! Racc2022 exhibition takes "integrating refrigeration resources and boosting industrial double cycle" as the exhibition concept, always combines the needs of enterprises with changes in the market, and widely invites buyers from all over the country to purchase and exchange, just to achieve accurate docking with exhibitors and bring better exhibition results. Zhongshan is also one of the key cities visited by the organizing committee every year. We hope to visit leading enterprises in the industry, build a bridge for cooperation between enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and Dawan District, and promote the exchange and development of China's low-temperature refrigeration industry. Under the epidemic situation, our publicity has also received a positive response from customers. Many business leaders have expressed that they are optimistic about the opportunities brought by holding a professional refrigeration exhibition in the refrigeration industry base in the Yangtze River Delta. They will come to participate in the exhibition or exchange at that time.


Zhongshan Shanxinzi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

For the first stop, the committee came to Zhongshan Shanxinzi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was received by President Wang. Zhongshan Shanxinzi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on foreign trade. After learning about the participation of HVAC supporting enterprises related to shock absorbers, President Wang said that the company would send people to visit the Hangzhou exhibition and would continue to pay attention to our latest developments.

Zhongshan Shanxinzi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-quality products such as air-conditioning outdoor unit shock absorber, air-conditioning support, air-conditioning compressor shock absorber, motor installation shock absorber, etc.

As a high-quality supplier of air-conditioning shock absorbers, the company always adheres to the principle of creating value with quality and casting the future with integrity to serve our customers. The company has been working hard to develop new products for export to other countries to achieve steady, rapid and balanced development of the company. Welcome customers all over the world to cooperate and create higher value together.


Zhongshan Freenir Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd

The committee then visited Zhongshan Freenir Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd and welcomed by President Zhu. Zhongshan Freenir Energy Saving Equipment, focusing on the field of variable frequency condensing compressor units, once attended RACC as an exhibitor in 2021. At the exhibition site, the company communicated with many leading refrigeration enterprises, learned about the new technologies and policies for the development of the industry, and provided more development ideas for other enterprises.

With seven yearsdevelopment and expansion, the company has always insisted on providing customers with good products, technical support and sound services. The variable frequency unit compressor produced by Freenir Energy Saving realizes free dragging, and can be matched with indoor units at will, regardless of structure and quantity, as long as the cooling capacity can meet the requirements. It can be matched with the temperature controller of any manufacturer, and can directly replace the existing constant speed machine. The company sincerely welcomes new and regular customers to visit the factory for cooperation.


Zhongshan Zhijigu Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd

President Long warmly welcomed RACC committee during the visit. He has been paying close attention to the exhibition and said that the company had a plan for publicity and promotion, and was looking forward to further expanding the influence of the brand in the industry. The company is also actively expanding its market share, and welcomes new and regular customers to come for cooperation.

Founded in 2018, in the five years of the company's growth, Zhongshan Zhijigu Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd has always provided customers with good product and technical support and sound after-sales service. The company integrates R & D, production, processing and sales, and is mainly engaged in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and accessories, air conditioning equipment and refrigeration equipment.


Zhongshan Zhongan Temperature Controller Co., Ltd.

On June 9, the organizing committee came to Zhongshan Zhongan Temperature Controller Co., Ltd. to visit President Deng. The organizing committee explained that the exhibits cover four fields: refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and ventilation, accessories and cold chain, which have a high degree of matching with the temperature controller products of Zhongan. At the same time,the organizing committee also invited a large number of well-known complete machine enterprises, agents, wholesalers and engineers from more than 30 provinces and cities in China as VIP purchasers to purchase on site. With the good opportunity of the exhibition, it also provides great convenience for the exchange and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises.

President Deng was very looking forward to RACC exhibition. He selected the booth and signed the contract. From November 2 to 4, the company will exhibit temperature controllers and other products at the 2022 China Refrigeration and cold chain Exhibition (RACC2022). Welcome all to Hangzhou International Expo Center to share the grand event of HVAC and refrigeration industry and talk about cooperation.

Zhongshan Zhongan Temperature Controller Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Zhongan") was founded in 2008. It is located near the electronic city base in Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, with convenient transportation and superior geographical environment. Since its establishment, the company has specialized in the R & D, design, production and sales of KSD series bimetallic snap on thermostat. The company has fully automatic production equipment and semi-automatic testing equipment. The product is mainly applicable to various electrothermal temperature control products such as refrigerators and air conditioners.