Product Categories

1, air conditioning equipment

Intelligent air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, central air conditioning units, various types of air conditioners, rooftop air conditioner units, VRF, household central air conditioners, special-purpose air conditioners, air treatment and purification equipment, building intelligent control equipment, etc.

2, heating equipment

Boiler, wall-hung boiler and supporting equipment (burner, heat exchanger, detector, water pump), floor heating and supporting equipment, heat pump and supporting equipment, heat metering and matching equipment, radiator and matching equipment, water treatment equipment, water purification equipment, intelligent control products and accessories, insulation materials and so on.

3, ventilation

Fans and axial flow, centrifugal, fan rotors, blades, fan inverters, ducts, tuyeres and accessories, fire dampers, dampers and accessories, coil equipment, sound insulation materials, silencers, other air conditioning and ventilation equipment accessories, etc.

4, refrigeration equipment and cold chain

Refrigeration systems and units, Refrigeration equipment, cold storage and accessories, refrigerators and freezers, cold chain equipment (refrigerated vehicles, insulated vehicles, etc.), display cabinets