Exhibitor Profile | POLO Electronics joins RACC 2020, booth number 1D-I10

Wire harness and temperature sensor manufacturer POLO Electronics Co.,LTD. has signed up for RACC 2020 with booth number 1D-I10.  Look forward to meet you at Hangzhou International Expo Center on November 15-17.

POLO Electronics Co.,LTD. have two products: wire harness and temperature sensor. The company haprofuces NTC temperature sensor ,PT100 temperature sensor, PT1000 temperature sensor and DS18B20 temperature sensor.

The wire harness mainly can be used in air conditioner,washing mashine,fridge,car,electric car,rebot,motor,air cleaner etc .

Polo Electronics can provide you with good quality products,reasonable price ,fast delviery time and good service,welcome visit or send enquire.


RACC has been tralved to 17 international HVACR expos and set booths to invite buyers to the show. In order to expand the global influence of racc 2020 and let more professional foreign purchasers and exhibitors know and participate in the exhibition, the organizing committee specially launched the global promotion activity of "stay at home to get 5 million cash " for all foreign trade personnel in the refrigeration industry. The total amount of 5 million cash will be given to the participants in the event in the form of rewards and commissions. It is believed that more foreign purchasers will participate in racc 2020 through this activity, so that exhibitors can get more orders and make racc 2020 the most influential refrigeration exhibition in the world. We look forward to see you at Hangzhou International Expo Center on Nov. 15-17, 2020.