Exhibitor Alerts

1、Booth fee and arrangement : This exhibition provides standard booth and bare ground. Exhibitors can choose from them according to business development needs.

★standard booth (9 SQM)  China:13800RMB/9sqm International:2700USD/9sqm

The standard booth includes a consulting desk, two chairs, a waste paper basket, a 5A/220V socket, four spotlights, a lintel board with company name, a three-sided booth fence, two enterprise logo lamp boxes (with light tube inside), four white lamp boxes (with light tube inside) (for special electricity, please specify in advance which will be charged separately).

★bare ground (The minimum renting area is 36 square meters) China:1250RMB/sqm     International:250USD/sqm

2 sides open fees: 5%
3-4 sides open fees: 10%

2、The Exhibitor's Manual will be uploaded to the official website of the exhibition 60 days before its launch.

3、Advertisement on Journal: it will help you find customers after the exhibition! In addition to being widely distributed during the conference, it is also sent to professionals from all over the country who have not been able to visit the exhibition through various relevant channels. They can use the journal to quickly find out the contact and service contents.

4、RACC Sponsorship Opportunities:
A. Dinner sponsorship (exclusive).
We gathered guests, exhibitors and delegates from the same forum, with a scale of more than 300 people, to achieve multiple market propaganda returns.
B. Gift sponsorship.
It is distributed to VIP guests, visiting groups and exhibitors to showcase the strength of the company, build strong brand and consolidate market position.
C. Tour guide sponsorship.
D. Flag hanging, wall advertising sponsorship, etc.