Exhibitor Profile | Hua Guang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd. invites you to join RACC 2020.


RACC 2020 will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center on November 15-17, 2020.

Zhejiang Province, where RACC 2020 is held, is the world’s largest production base for the refrigeration accessories industry. There are more than 10000 enterprises engaged in refrigeration products, accounting for more than half of the national output value of refrigeration accessories industry. Among them, the export of refrigeration accessories accounts for 60% of the whole country, and it is also China's main welding material production area. Huaguang has seen the promotions of RACC teams in overseas Refrigeration Exhibitions for many times where RACC has been recognized and supported by many international buyers. Therefore, Huaguang has decided to set up a special booth to display the latest products and technologies on RACC. Welcome to visit their booth at 1c-h11.



Founded in 1995, Hua Guang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd. specialises in the research and fabrication of a broad range of welding materials as well as providing the customers with total welding solutions.

As a leading enterprise in the field of welding industry in China, the company mainly produces copper-based and silver-based welding materials in the forms of rods, rings, wires, strips, foils, powder, paste, flux-cored and flux-coated with over 2,800 specifications. The products are widely applied to the industry of refrigeration, household appliances, machinery, electric appliances, aeronautics, petrochemical, automobiles, tools, hard alloys, measurements, new energy equipment, bathroom facilities, railroad systems, etc.



Hua Guang possesses a high productivity level with quality products and the capability of customising the products according to the specific needs of the customers. The company endeavours to make technical innovations to promote the research and manufacturing of advanced materials in the related industries.

Hua Guang has established its Key Enterprise Research Institute, R&D Centre, and Post-Doctoral Workstation at the provincial level successively. It has also participated in several key national and provincial projects. Moreover, the company has engaged in the drafting and revision of 3 national standards and 7 industrial standards on "Silver-Based Brazing Filler Metals" and "Copper-Based Brazing Filler Metals". In all, Hua Guang owns 24 patents and 39 utility model patents. The company has been awarded the second prize of "National Science and Technology Progress", one of the most prestigious scientific awards in China, and two honours at the provincial level.

The major customers of Hua Guang include well-known enterprises both in China and abroad. Some of the customers include: Gree, Midea, Danfoss, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, York, Hitachi, Daikin, Simens, Galanz, Sanhua, CRRC, WEG, Dongfang Electric, GE, EPCOS, BOE Technology and Baoguang.


RACC 2020 is positioned at international supply and global procurement. RACC team went to more than 40 countries with refrigeration exhibitions in the world, distributing a large amount of materials to invite buyers and exhibitors, and gained unprecedented attention and support.